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Woman with hands on breasts

Asymmetric breasts

Most women have slightly uneven breasts (asymmetrical breasts) – it is completely normal. The shape and position of the nipples also varies from breast to breast. For some women, however, the differences are so great that they suffer from their asymmetrical breasts. In such cases, surgery may be useful.

Some women have breasts that are too small, others have breasts that are too large. And some women have both: one breast that is too small and one that is too big, i.e. two breasts of different sizes. In extreme cases, the difference can be up to a cup size. Understandably, women affected by this do not feel comfortable in their own skin.

In addition, women with asymmetrical breasts often suffer physically as well. This is because breasts of different sizes can cause back pain and lead to posture problems. Whether a woman suffers psychologically or physically from uneven breasts, breast augmentation solves the problem and ensures you feel good in your body.

Implants fix the size difference

Women with very small breasts are referred to as having micromastia or breast hypoplasia. If the two small breasts are asymmetrical, the best way to compensate for the difference is with an implant with the goal of achieving improved symmetry.

For some women with unequal breasts, one breast is significantly larger and significantly heavier than the other. In this case, a breast reduction is necessary. During this operation, Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch removes more tissue from the larger breast than from the smaller breast. In some cases, the size and shape of your breast can even be simulated in 3D before surgery.

Recommended massages after treatment

Treatment information


Approx. two to 2.5 hours

Hospital stay

Outpatient or inpatient (with overnight stay), as required


Post-operative bleeding, infections, circulatory, wound healing and sensory disorders, capsular fibrosis in implants, unsightly scars


The cost of such an operation varies and is agreed upon in advance


General anesthesia

Ability to work

After seven to 10 days


Tight fitting bra for approx. six weeks, during which time exercise is prohibited


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