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Labia that are too long or large can interfere with a woman's life, such as during sexual intercourse and when wearing tight clothing. In addition to aesthetic reasons, there are also medical reasons for a labiaplasty. For example, if you feel impaired while cycling or riding.

Well-formed labia

With age, or even at a young age for genetic reasons, the inner labia (labia minora) appear larger than the outer labia (labia majora). Pregnancies, hormonal treatments and weight gain can also affect the appearance and condition of the labia.

If the outer labia no longer properly cover the inner labia, they are no longer adequately protected. This can lead to pain and irritation. A labiaplasty (labia reduction) gives affected women a new lease on life – for example, when they can walk along the beach without worries. Even during sexual intercourse, women feel more liberated and relaxed after a reduction in the labia minora.

When reducing the labia minora, Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch removes the excess tissue. Self-dissolving stitches are used for the suture.

Treatment information


Approx. 60 minutes

Hospital stay



Post-operative bleeding, hematomas, swelling, wound dehiscence


The cost of such an operation varies and is agreed upon in advance


Local anesthesia or general anesthesia

Ability to work

After approx. three to four days


It takes about four to six weeks for complete healing and swelling reduction. During this period, you should refrain from sports and sexual intercourse.


Cashmed Medical Financing

A labiaplasty is a small procedure and the result is liberating. I can wash myself normally again, ride a bike without pain, and today I also wear thongs intended for my clothing size.

Ms. R. B.


Even though it might be hard for you to imagine, the operation has changed my life! I'm finally able to move normally again. From the bottom of my heart – and from the bottom of my heart once again: thank you for everything! I hope you will continue to be such a warm, honest and empathetic team!

Frau R. M.


Frequently asked questions

Will there be scarring?

The scars will no longer be visible a few weeks after the operation. However, swelling is possible for up to six weeks after surgery.

What do you need to consider when planning surgery?

Urination and defecation are possible without restrictions. After defecation, carefully irrigate the operated region as needed.

On average, a five-day recovery period after surgery is expected.

During this time, please only wear comfortable clothing such as trainers, leggings, skirts, etc. No tight-fitting jeans (pressure points).

Will my health insurance pay for the procedure?

In general, this procedure is not covered by health insurance.

What to expect immediately after surgery?

Swelling of the area that was operated on, bruising (may be pronounced), yeast infection, sensory disorders (transient)

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