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A woman is holding a silicone breast implant

Implant replacement

An implant replacement is necessary if pain, swelling, redness or deformation of the breast suddenly occurs.

In addition to physical changes and the implant's aging process, the main reason for an implant change is capsular fibrosis. Capsular fibrosis is when the body envelops and deforms the implant. As a result, the chest feels harder and may ache. Often, only one of both sides is affected. Dr. Colette C. Camenisch removes the surrounding tissue (capsule) when changing implants and inserts a new, stable implant.

Reshape your breasts

With increasing age, it may make sense to replace a breast implant and, depending on the change in appearance, adjust the breast. However, regular replacement of the implant is not necessary. It is sufficient if you come to Clinic Beethovenstrasse AG for a follow-up every five years (at the latest every 10 years) after the final inspection. With an additional radiological examination (MRI or ultrasonography), the condition of the breast implant can be assessed very precisely.

Recommended massages after treatment

Treatment information


Approx. 1.5 to two hours

Hospital stay

Outpatient or inpatient (with overnight stay)


Post-operative bleeding, infections, wound healing and sensory disorders, tactile and visibility of the implant, asymmetries, renewed capsular fibrosis, unsightly scars


The cost of such an operation varies and is agreed upon in advance


General anesthesia

Ability to work

After seven to 10 days


Tight fitting bra for approx. six weeks, during which time exercise is prohibited


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