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Aesthetic Treatments

Unicorn lift/exokine

The “unicorn lift” also known as “exokine” ensures healthy, youthful skin. Blood serum therapy with specially prepared autologous blood pampers the skin with nutrients and makes it glow, moisturizing the skin from within. The good results are visible after just two to three treatments.

Young skin has a beautiful, radiant and healthy complexion. Such a skin appearance can also be achieved with “Beauty Skin Activator” therapy.

In this skin-rejuvenating method, Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch injects the skin surface with concentrated plasma fluid. This gently smoothes out superficial wrinkles and reduces fine scars. The entire complexion appears smoother. A visible effect can already be seen by the second treatment. Combine the “Beauty Skin Activator” with a filler treatment for an even more significant positive effect. “Beauty Skin Activator” therapy is possible for every age and skin type.

Autologous blood treatment

Youthful skin has a high hyaluronic acid content and therefore a sufficient moisture storage capacity. As we age, however, the concentration of hyaluronic acid decreases continuously. As a result, the deeper skin layers become drier and therefore more susceptible to wrinkles.

During a “unicorn lift”, blood is drawn from you as a first step. At the earliest six hours later, Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch will inject your skin with the prepared, protein-rich serum. You will then receive a face mask with hyaluronic acid, which reinforces the positive effect.

In contrast to PRP autohemotherapy (the vampire lift), during the unicorn lift – EDS autologous blood therapy (exokine derived serum) – no additives, platelets, blood cells or other activators are reinjected. The serum is pure, just like a unicorn.

The serum is cell-free and without harmful additives. It is therefore a 100% natural treatment. No allergens.

The “Unicorn Lift” had an effect after just a few weeks: radiantly beautiful and fresh skin.

Your own blood rejuvenates the skin, including on the neck and décolletage. It also blocks inflammation, stimulates collagen formation and improves the skin's moisture content. The injections are repeated three times at intervals of two to four weeks to achieve a perfect result.

Treatment information


Approx. 15 to 30 minutes


Swelling, small hematomas are possible


CHF 3,000 for three treatments

Ability to work

Immediately after treatment


Refrain from intensive sports and sauna sessions for 48 hours

The unicorn lift's effect was clear after just a few weeks: my skin glows beautifully and looks fresh. I get compliments everywhere about how great I look. Even in my yoga class, it stands out!

Ms. R. V.

Unicorn lift/exokine

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