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Aesthetic Treatments


Human skin needs a lot of moisture. Skinbooster therapy moisturizes the entire face. It refreshes the skin and smoothes out fine wrinkles. It also makes the skin more radiant, fresher and more balanced, giving you a wonderful glow.

Beautiful skin needs hydration. That is why research is doing everything it can to develop new ways to rehydrate the skin or to accelerate facial skin regeneration. During a Skinbooster treatment, a low-viscosity hyaluronic acid filler is injected under the skin using a special cannula (or a fine needle). In addition to improving skin elasticity, it also improves the skin's texture. In contrast to traditional wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid, skin rehydration treatment is not about adding volume but rather the ultimate hydration of the entire face.

The Skinbooster improves skin elasticity

Rehydration is possible at any age and for all skin types. It refreshes the skin, aids with volume and smoothes out wrinkles – including on the hands, neck and décolletage. In addition, a Skinbooster treatment is beneficial for structurally damaged skin (acne, sun exposure). Hydration therapy also provides positive results before and after surgical procedures, such as a face lift. For a lasting effect, the therapy must be repeated after four weeks. In some cases, a third treatment after eight weeks is also necessary.

Treatment information


Approx. 20 to 30 minutes


After Skinbooster therapy, there may be visible swelling and selective bruises (small hematomas)


Starting at CHF 600

Ability to work

Immediately after treatment


After rehydration of facial skin, no special post-treatment is necessary. However, you should refrain from intensive sports and sauna sessions for 48 hours.

Extremely competent and sensitive. Thank you for taking the time to optimally support me in my concerns in order to achieve a perfect result.

Ms. M. G.


It's been three weeks since the second Skinbooster injection and I'm extremely happy with the results! My complexion has improved enormously and my acne problems have also been significantly reduced. Thank you so much!

Ms. M. K.


Dr. Colette Camenisch is a great doctor. She is honest and has many different, excellent services in her wonderful practice. Just the right service for every woman and man! I am infinitely grateful to her for her honesty and great work. She knows exactly what she's doing.

Ms. N. H.


I just wanted to say thank you briefly, the Skinbooster did wonders, including around the lips 😉. I'm very happy and it looks very natural!

Ms. S. F.


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