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Scar correction

Operations, accidents and injuries often leave behind annoying and sometimes painful scars. In certain cases, scars can be removed and readjusted using plastic surgery. In most cases, other, less invasive measures are sufficient.

Scar correction

How a scar develops depends on many different factors, including the depth of the injury, the type of injury, skin thickness, blood supply to the damaged area and the shape and location of the scar. In some cases, scars are so annoying that they have to be corrected using plastic surgery. However, patches and gels with silicone, special creams and highly effective mixtures of hyaluronic acid are usually sufficient to permanently improve the look of scars.

Scar healing can be completely different at different parts of the body and take place over a longer period of time. In a personal consultation, you will find out which scar treatment is the most useful, effective and sustainable for you.

Treatment information


Approx. 20 minutes to two hours

Hospital stay



Infections, post-operative bleeding, new unsightly scars, persistent numbness


The cost of such an operation varies and is agreed upon in advance


Local anesthesia or general anesthesia

Ability to work

Between one and five days, depending on the extent of the correction


The stitches are removed within seven to 14 days, during which time exercise is prohibited. Intensive post-treatment care with laser or scar creams is then required.


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