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A woman's chin area
Aesthetic Treatments

Marionette lines

The corners of the mouth are called “marionette wrinkles” or “mentolabial folds”. If this fold is very deep, they are sometimes referred to as “Merkel wrinkles”. As you get older, this wrinkle deepens. A sad-looking, often deep line around the mouth remains. Dr. Camenisch can correct the unwanted lines around the corners of your mouth with just one filler treatment.

A friendly appearance

Hyaluronic acid is carefully injected under the wrinkle; by working slowly and using a gentle cannula technique, side effects such as bruises and swelling can be greatly reduced. By injecting the corners of the mouth with hyaluronic acid (filler treatment), the vertical crease between chin and corner of the mouth can be improved, successfully counteracting the effects of gravity. If facial expressions are pronounced, the depressor anguli muscle, which pulls at the corners of the mouth, can also be treated at the same time.

Treatment information


Approx. 20 minutes


Bruises (hematomas), local swelling, pressure and tension


Starting at CHF 600


Local anesthesia only required for pain-sensitive patients

Ability to work

Immediately after treatment


None; if necessary, follow-up 10 to 14 days later

I really appreciate your always extremely professional and perfect work. Above all, however, I feel safe and in good hands with your excellent advice. This certainty allows me to face the gravity of aging calmly!

Ms. S. P.

Marionette lines

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