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Aesthetic Treatments


Sculptra is a unique biostimulator that activates the skin. By means of targeted injection into the deep dermis or the subcutaneous layer of the skin, collagen synthesis is stimulated. Small wrinkles and most smaller volume deficiencies are filled in the process. With its anti-aging effect, it gives your face a new glow and can have a significant positive impact on your skin quality in targeted area.

Sculptra is not a volume therapy. Sculptra stimulates fibroblasts and collagen neogenesis. Collagen is a fiber protein in the deeper layer of the skin that gives the skin its structure. At the same time, it supports the functioning of elastin and hyaluronic acid. The structures weakened by the aging process are consequently repaired. After just three months, the skin's collagen content increases by 66.5% (scientifically proven). This new collagen formation restores the skin's natural firmness, quality and resilience.

Patient feedback

  • 80% of patients are still satisfied with the results 25 months after the last treatment
  • 100% of the patients surveyed would recommend Sculptra
  • 86% of patients showed an improvement in skin firmness up to 25 months after the last treatment

Sculptra for firmer and more youthful skin

The treatment is suitable for patients with incipient loss of skin elasticity on the face, abdomen and on the inside of the arms. It is especially made for skin stressed by sun damage and heavy smoking, and mature skin dealing with hormone loss and the normal aging process. After pregnancies or weight loss, sagging skin in the abdominal region can be rejuvenated. The results on the inside of the arms are also very promising.

When used on the face, Sculptra can be excellently conbined with a botulinum toxin treatment for frown lines, the forehead and eye area to achieve a wide-reaching result. The same applies to hyaluronic acid volume therapy to refresh the nasolabial fold and midface. However, it is better to separate hyaluronic acid injections from the Sculptra treatment. The initial results of Sculptra therapy are seen after nine weeks, with gradual improvement over one year after treatment.

Source: Galderma Sculptra Flashcard


Within a few days after the injection, the water and other ingredients (CMC, mannitol) are absorbed by the body, while the Sculptra particles (poly-L-lactic acid, PLLA) remain in place.

PLLA is a biodegradable collagen stimulator that is metabolized naturally in the human body after injection. PLLA is a unique active ingredient that is responsible for the biostimulating effect of the skin.

A total of three to six treatments (depending on the patient's age) are necessary with an interval of three to four weeks. It then needs a refresh after two years.

Treatment information


Approx. 20 to 40 minutes


Bruises, slight swelling, redness, small nodules are possible but rare


Starting at CHF 1,000 per treatment

Ability to work

Immediately after the treatment, but the face may feel slightly numb for a few hours


For one week, massage the face or all injected areas thoroughly for five minutes two to five times a day to avoid nodules

Dr. Camenisch has a special eye that recognizes the individual personality behind every person. If you want to look like an Insta model, you should contact someone else. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an honest opinion on aesthetic implementation, Dr. Camenisch is the right choice.

Ms. A. T.


One week after my fourth Sculptra treatment: brilliant work in every respect – I am very happy with the result – a “fuller” face including evident skin tightening. Thank you very much – I really appreciate your work!

Ms. S. B.


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