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Aesthetic Treatments

Sculptra butt lift

Sculptra is a unique biostimulator that can help improve the gluteal region (butt area). Targeted injection into the dermis stimulates collagen synthesis and firms the buttocks.

Streamlining and contouring the buttocks

Patients with incipient loss of skin elasticity and who wish for a slight lifting effect will experience a significant improvement in their buttock contours with Sculptra therapy. Mild cellulite and other annoying bumps are also improved. With frequent use and by focusing on specific areas, an increase in volume (volumizing) can also be achieved. The initial good results of Sculptra therapy can be seen after six to nine weeks, with gradual improvement over one year after treatment.


Within hours after injection, water and other ingredients (CMC, mannitol) are absorbed by the body. The specific Sculptra particles (poly-L-lactic acid, PLLA) remain in place and activate the surrounding tissue. A total of two to three treatments (depending on the patient's wishes) are necessary with an interval of six to eight weeks. A refresh is needed after two years.

Treatment information


Approx. 30 to max. 60 minutes


Bruises, slight swelling, redness, small nodules are possible but rare


Starting at CHF 3,000 per treatment

Ability to work

Immediately after treatment; no exercise for 24 hours


For one week, two to five times a day, massage all injected areas well for five minutes to avoid nodules

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