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Aesthetic Treatments


The quick moisturizing therapy for the face and neck.

PROFHILO® face/neck

Bio-remodeling with PROFHILO® – a unique anti-aging therapy with immediate regenerative dual action for stressed, dehydrated and sagging skin. It was designed to sustainably improve the texture and elasticity of the skin and thus counteract the skin's natural aging process. With the hyaluronic acid hybrid complex in PROFHILO®, the body's own synthesis of hyaluronic acid is stimulated, while elastin and collagen formation are promoted.

PROFHILO® is injected at particular injection points on each side of the face using very fine needles. Thanks to its special composition and injection technology, PROFHILO® distributes itself in the tissue. In general, you can return to your usual daily routine immediately after use.

A treatment cycle consists of at least two treatments, each four weeks apart. A refresher treatment is recommended after six months.

However, an additional daily facial treatment with an intensive hyaluronic acid serum sustainably supports the result.


PROFHILO® Body is a moisturizing therapy specifically designed to treat sagging skin on body areas such as the inside of the arms, hands, and knees. This is a hybrid hyaluronic acid complex that contains both high and low molecular masses. By injecting this complex into the tissue, the body's own synthesis of hyaluronic acid is stimulated and the formation of elastin and collagen is promoted, resulting in firmer, rejuvenated skin. A treatment consists of at least two applications four weeks apart, and a booster treatment is recommended after six months.

A special PROFHILO® BODY KIT combines the effect of initiated hyaluronic acid with a cosmetic aftertreatment. The PROFHILO® FIGURA BODY CREAM is a multi-active, remodeling, firming and quick-absorbing cream with a silky texture that deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin sustainably. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.


PROFHILO® is produced by combining high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in a thermal process under the influence of heat to form a hybrid complex with high biocompatibility. This thermal process makes it possible to dispense with the addition of further additives. The result is an ultra-pure hyaluronic acid which, due to its ability to attract water, provides your skin with lasting moisture from within.

Well tolerated

The absence of additives ensures optimal compatibility and minimizes the risk of adverse effects. PROFHILO® can also can be combined with all standard filler, laser and SkinTox-A treatments.


PROFHILO® was an award-winner at the AMEC Congress 2015 in Paris! In the “Skin Enhancement” category, PROFHILO® was awarded the coveted “Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy”. In 2018, PROFHILO® was named “Best Injectable Product” by the “Aesthetic Industry Awards”.

Proven effectiveness

  • Increase in skin hydration: 42%
  • Increase in skin elasticity: 6%

Patient self-assessment

  • 97% report smoother and firmer skin
  • 100% report moisturized and taut skin

Treatment information


Approx. 20 to 30 minutes


Bruising, slight swelling, redness


Facial treatment CHF 500

Body treatment/region CHF 980

Ability to work

Immediately after treatment


For 24 hours, you should refrain from intensive spa treatments, sauna and steam baths, intensive sports and sun exposure

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