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Close-up of a woman's face with focus on her lips

Bullhorn lift

Many people want full and sensual lips, especially women. Plump lips are a sign of youth. With age, the lips also lose elasticity and the upper lip sinks slightly, which leads to an increasing loss of visible lip.

Fuller lips thanks to the Bullhorn lift

With a lip lift, the lip is lifted, the teeth become visible again and the overall appearance of the face is significantly rejuvenated. The lip lift is suitable for patients who want permanently fuller lips or whose lips are barely visible due to age.

During an indirect lip lift, a small strip of skin in the shape of a bullhorn is removed from the lower edge of the nose and thus the lips are raised towards the nose. Shortening the philtrum (nose-upper lip distance) creates a much more distinctive upper lip. The result is long-lasting.

Treatment information


Approx. 45 minutes to one hour

Hospital stay



Post-operative bleeding, hematomas, swelling, infections, annoying scars


The cost of such an operation varies and is agreed upon in advance


Local anesthesia or general anesthesia

Ability to work

After approx. five to seven days


Sutures are removed after approximately seven days. Afterwards, steri-strips are required for a further two to four days. In the first few weeks, sports, sauna and UV radiation must be avoided.


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