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Face refresh with autologous fat

The face is exposed to many environmental influences, but age also has a big influence on our face. The top layer of skin and the underlying subcutaneous fat tissue become thinner, skin sags and you get more and more wrinkles. If you want to look younger, opt for a face refresh. During this process, the body's own fat tissue is transferred to the skin of the face.

Sun, wind and cold impact the face every day. In addition, the body increases its collagen breakdown as we age. As a result, facial skin becomes thinner and sags. If you want to look younger, you should therefore think about a face refresh.

With this method, Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch removes adipose tissue from the stomach, hip or knee – without significant scarring. The tissue is then processed in a special process so that it can be reinjected into the body. The doctor then injects the processed and cleaned fat under the skin to replace missing volume and rejuvenate the skin.

A face refresh brings back volume

The process is known as fat transfer and works in a similar way to breast augmentation with autologous fat. Where and how much fat is inserted into the facial skin depends on your skin's condition and your underlying bone structure and is determined in advance during a consultation. In addition, the nasolabial fold, midface and jawline can also be specifically corrected with the body's own fat.

When fat is transferred to the face, only 70 to 80% of fat cells survive. For a perfect result, a second procedure may be necessary after nine to 12 months.

Treatment information


Approx. one to 1.5 hours

Hospital stay



Infections, bleeding, hematomas, long-lasting swelling, transient sensory disorder, mild asymmetries


The cost of such an operation varies and is agreed upon in advance


General anesthesia

Ability to work

After two to five days


Rest period of seven to 10 days, during which time sport is prohibited


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