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LPG Endermologie (Cellu M6 Alliance)

LPG endermologie is a mechanical treatment that minimizes fat deposits and sagging tissue. Problem areas that cannot be addressed through exercise and a healthy lifestyle can be specifically treated and sculpted.

During the high-tech body treatment, the treatment head glides over your body, lifts your skin with light suction and acts on the connective tissue. The treatment is painless and relaxing. Based on a natural process in adipocytes (fat cells), the balance between fat formation and fat loss is maintained. Despite a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, fat storage can increase. A lipomassage (massage of adipose tissue) activates lipolysis (fat loss) and reduces cellulite (orange peel skin) as a result. This weak connective tissue makes the skin appear uneven; above all, it makes you feel inhibited and avoid wearing short clothing, even in summer.

Endermologie optimizes skin tightening and reshapes the body silhouette. Endermologie treatment also has a supportive effect during a detoxification treatment. The latest technology of the patented LPG treatment methods also activates the general metabolism, improves local blood flow fourfold and strengthens the skin. On the face, endermologie can be used to improve the complexion, treat minimal eye bags and treat an incipient double chin.

LPG endermologie treatment is also very suitable for preparing tissue before plastic surgery (e.g. liposuction, abdominoplasty, arm lift, body lift, etc.), for optimal regeneration and for even better postoperative results. In order to also have a positive effect on scar formation, our latest-generation device can also have a supportive effect with a special program.

When starting out, 10 consecutive treatments, with one to two sessions per week, are recommended. After the treatment, you'll feel relaxed and full of new energy.

Treatment information


60 minutes


CHF 185

Treatment goals

Skin tightening

Skin strengthening

Smoothing cellulite

Reducing fat deposits

Light legs

Pre/postoperative treatment

Scar treatment

Lymphatic massage


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