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Female breast with hands on chest


If you have more than two nipples at birth, this is called polythelia, a supernumerary nipple or accessory nipples. The additional nipples/areolas are usually small and not easily visible. However, they can be disruptive.


If you have more than two nipples, then you have a supernumerary nipple or accessory nipples. However, the most common term is polythelia. The term comes from the Greek: “poly” = a lot and “thele” = nipple.

Supernumerary nipples usually occur along what's known as the milk bar. The breast forms from this ridge in the embryonic stage. The mammary ridge extends on both sides from the armpit to the groin. In rare cases, accessory nipples also appear on the neck, back and in the area of the buttocks.

Since excess nipples are very small, they are usually not a problem. However, they can degenerate in very rare cases and should therefore be removed.

Polythelia is usually congenital. However, it can also occur during puberty, when the breast begins to develop. Extra nipples are usually harmless. However, they are seen as very annoying, especially below the chest. For this reason, it is worth correcting polythelia.

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Approx. 30 to 60 minutes

Hospital stay



Post-operative bleeding, infections, hematomas, unsightly scars


The cost of such an operation varies and is agreed upon in advance


Local anesthesia

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After one to two days


Special bandage for approx. two weeks, during which time exercise is prohibited


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